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Jeffrey Vallance at CSUN Art Galleries

OC Art Blog, 2/19/2019

Blinky the Friendly Hen was memorialized Saturday by Los Angeles performance artist and curator Jeffrey Vallance …


Keeping Time: An Opening for “Rhythm” at Irvine’s Great Park Gallery

OC Art Blog, 9/5/2016

The worlds of rock music and fine art have long traded personnel back and forth, from John Lennon dropping out of art school to make music as one of the Beatles to Captain Beefheart dropping out of music to make paintings …


The Red and the Black: A Play About Rothko at SCR

OC Art Blog, 2/10/2016

Red, by John Logan, is a play about the business of being an artist — the commissions, the professional jealousies, the rivalries between generations and the physical and mental act of putting paint to canvas. ....